AI Data Validator Google Sheets™
FinanceOS Add-on

Effortlessly maintain data integrity and organization in your spreadsheets, saving time and boosting productivity!

Key Features:

Transform your Google Sheets experience with AI Data Validator, a powerful and user-friendly FinanceOS add-on designed to streamline data management, eliminate duplicates, and enhance accuracy.

Effortless Data Validation

Automatically detect and remove duplicate or unique rows within your sheets, enabling you to work with clean, well-organized data.

Intelligent Row Merging

Combine rows containing the same unique identifier, aggregating corresponding data in the remaining columns for a comprehensive view.

Advanced Table Comparison

Effortlessly compare data across two sheets, pinpoint discrepancies, and generate a new sheet with the comparison results for easy analysis.

Flexible Scheduling

Set up scheduled functions to run at custom intervals, ensuring your data remains up-to-date and accurate without manual intervention, using Data Validator FinanceOS abilities.

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