Data Validator for Google Sheets™ – Knowledge Base

Getting Started with Data Validator Add-on

The Data Validator Add-on for Google Sheets™ is an intuitive tool for data management, which empowers you to validate, clean, and manage your data effectively, using the powers of FinanceOS (FP&A and AI) Here’s a quick guide on how to start using this powerful tool:

Installing the Data Validator Add-on

  1. Go to the Google Sheets™ menu and click on Add-ons.
  2. Click on Get Add-ons.
  3. In the G-Suite Marketplace, search for “Data Validator for Google Sheets™”.
  4. Click on the tool and select Install.
  5. Follow the prompts to authorize the Add-on.

Accessing the Add-on

After installing the Add-on, it can be accessed from the Google Sheets™ menu bar:

  1. Click on Add-ons.
  2. Navigate to Data Validator.
  3. Click on Start.

Now you’re all set to explore the features of the Data Validator Add-on!

Features Overview

Here are the key features of the Data Validator Add-on:

Remove Duplicates: This feature allows you to remove duplicates from your data set, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

Schedule Autostart: You can set a time-based trigger for the Compare Two Tables function. The trigger can be scheduled on a minute, hourly, or daily basis.

Find Duplicate Or Unique Rows: This feature scans your spreadsheet for any duplicate or unique rows, helping maintain the quality of your data.

Combine Duplicate Rows: With this feature, you can easily combine duplicate rows based on a unique identifier column.

Compare Two Tables: This tool helps you compare two different tables within your Google Sheets™, highlighting any differences.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

At times, you may encounter issues while using the Data Validator for Google Sheets™ Add-on. Here are solutions to some common problems:

Issue: The add-on is not showing in the menu after installation.
Solution: Try refreshing your Google Sheets™. If it still doesn’t appear, uninstall and reinstall the add-on.

Issue: The ‘Remove Duplicates’ feature is not working.
Solution: Ensure that your sheet doesn’t have any merged cells as this can interfere with the function. If the issue persists, reach out to our support team.

Issue: Scheduled Autostart is not running as expected.
Solution: Double-check the interval type and value set for the function. Ensure your document is not closed or inaccessible during the scheduled time.

Data Validator FAQ

Can I use the Data Validator Add-on on multiple Google Sheets™ at the same time?

Yes, the add-on can be used across multiple sheets simultaneously.

Can the ‘Remove Duplicates’ function handle large datasets?

Absolutely! The ‘Remove Duplicates’ function is designed to handle large datasets efficiently.

Can I cancel a scheduled Autostart?

Yes, you can cancel a scheduled Autostart anytime. Navigate to Add-ons > Data Validator > Cancel Autostart.

Is my data secure with the Data Validator Add-on?

Yes, your data’s security is our top priority. We do not store or share your data, and it remains within your Google Sheets™ environment.

How to Uninstall Data Validator Add-on

If for any reason you decide to uninstall the Data Validator for Google Sheets™ Add-on, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Google Sheets™.
  2. Click on the Add-ons tab in the menu.
  3. Navigate to Manage add-ons.
  4. Find the “Data Validator for Google Sheets™” in the list of installed add-ons and click on it.
  5. In the appearing sidebar, click on Uninstall.

Your feedback is valuable to us. If you are willing, please let us know why you chose to uninstall the add-on.

For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our Support team via email at [email protected]. We are committed to ensuring a seamless user experience and are always ready to assist you. Let’s revolutionize data management together with the Data Validator for Google Sheets™ Add-on and move from traditional FP&A into FinanceOS world!