At Data Validator for Google Sheets™, we believe in providing exceptional value to our users. We’re committed to keeping our services accessible and offering solutions that cater to a range of needs.



For Individual Users

Our free tier is perfect for individual users who want to enhance their Google Sheets™ data validation and management capabilities.


  • Find and remove duplicate rows
  • Schedule autostart functions
  • Combine duplicate rows
  • Quick deduplication
  • Basic customer support

All our services are currently available free of charge as we continue to improve and develop our product offerings.

We’re excited to share that we will be introducing premium features and plans in the future that provide additional capabilities for more advanced data management, financial planning, and analysis.

Stay tuned for updates, and we appreciate your continued support!

Note: All future plans will come with a free trial period so you can decide if the extra features provide value to your processes. Current free services will continue to remain available to all users.

Join our community of users today and experience the benefits of better data management with Data Validator for Google Sheets™!