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Data Validator for Google Sheets™ helps you effortlessly manage, clean, and organize your data with powerful features like removing duplicates, combining rows, and comparing tables.

Detailed Description:

Data Validator for Google Sheets™ is a powerful tool designed to streamline your data management process. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Data Validator helps finance employees, data analysts, and anyone working with large datasets to efficiently clean, validate, and organize their data within Google Sheets™.

Key Features:

1. Remove Duplicate Rows: Quickly identify and remove duplicate rows from your dataset, leaving you with a clean, unique set of data.

2. Combine Duplicate Rows: Effortlessly merge data from multiple entries with the same identifier, creating a comprehensive and organized dataset.

3. Compare Two Tables: Easily compare two tables in separate sheets and identify any discrepancies, with differences highlighted for quick reference.

How to Use Data Validator for Google Sheets™:

Step 1: Install the Data Validator from the Google Workspace Marketplace and open your desired Google Sheets™ document.

Step 2: Click on “Extensions” in the menu, and then click on “Data Validator” to open the sidebar.

Step 3: Choose the desired function (Remove Duplicates, Combine Duplicate Rows, or Compare Two Tables) by clicking the corresponding button in the sidebar.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions for the selected function, and watch as Data Validator efficiently processes your data.

With Data Validator for Google Sheets™, you can save valuable time and resources by automating data management tasks. Say goodbye to manual data cleaning and hello to increased productivity with Data Validator for Google Sheets™.

Add Data Validator now and revolutionize the way you manage and clean your data in Google Sheets™.